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stuck in manchester

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Hello everyone,
Unbelievably, our flight to San Fran is cancelled due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland. Volcanic ash has meant that all uk airports are shut down til midnight at least. We’re stuck in Manchester trying to stay positive. Doing everything we can to get there.


U.S.A. and videos

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Hello Everyone,

Just want to say how much we are looking forward to our U.S. trip. I think most of us will be packing bags as I write this.

Also a massive thank you to all who entered the video competition. We’ve been viewing the entries and there’s some really good stuff in there. The winners will be anounced on the website shortly.

OK back to packing!

Cheers, Jake

Big Thanks

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Hi all

Just want to say a big thankyou from the band to all of you who made it out to see us on our UK tour.  My ears have only stopped ringing from the last gig in Liverpool on sunday!  God it was loud!!  The venue was interesting….backstage felt like being in a house of horrors at a funfair…I kid you not!!  But the response from the crow more than made up for it.
Next stop USA,

Cheers Phil C


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Hello Everyone!

How are you all? Good I hope.
So….. the gigs start next week. We’re all really looking forward to the shows and have been rehearsing hard to make sure they will be nights to remember for all concerned!
We’re visiting some cities for the first time on this tour so that will be interesting for us aswell. Must remember my camera this time.
Next month America beckons…… and with it the opportunity to make up for the rescheduling of shows out there. We were disappointed to say the least when we had to postpone the initial dates, so again, thanks to everyone for bearing with us. We ARE coming this time I promise!
Maybe we might get to see some sunshine also? A rare sight for a Northern Englishman.
I’m gonna try and get online throughout the tour and let everyone know how we’re doing….. hangover ratings out of 10 for each band member possibly.
PS If you don’t already know they’re trying to close down BBC 6 music so if you would like to sign a petition to try and prevent this you can click here
Take care and see you soon

Manchester Date Added

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Hi Everyone,

Bad Lieutenant has been confirmed to play as part of the Platt fields music Festival on Friday the 11th of June 2010.
The line up includes:  Ian Brown, UNKLE, The Whip, Scratch Perverts , Mike Pickering.

Tickets go on sale at 9.00 on Thurs the 4th of March.

We’re all really looking forward to the gig should be a top night!

See you there


Platt Fields

A message from Bernard Sumner

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On behalf of the band and management I would like to apologize to all our fans who have been inconvenienced in any way by the cancellation of our US gigs. The band are very upset and surprised by this, as the fans obviously are. I am informed that this was caused by administrative  problems with our visa application and at this late stage nothing can be done. We are trying our hardest to reschedule the gigs for spring next year and to add extra shows in the USA.

Bernard Sumner.

Phil Cunningham answers your questions . . .

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Well at least the questions asked by Brent Kutchback, Rob Andrews, Barry McMahon and Eimi Graham.  Yes, these are the four fans that are having their questions answered during the first installment of answers from Bad Lieutenant.  Keep an eye out for the answers from Bernard and Jake.


Brent Kutchback:

I love the new album and am looking forward to some US tour dates to be added.

With three guitarists in the band, how does that work?  Obviously, everyone has to check their ego at the door, right?  Keep up the great music!

PC:  It’s actually a good thing having three guitar players when it comes to recording as we all have different styles. So we had it covered when it came down to what each song needed on the record. For example Bernard is top at choppy, funky playing (“Poisonous Intent”). Jake “Hendrix” is amazing at lead stuff  (“Summer Days”) and I am into big chunky chords and melody lines (“Sink or Swim”).

However it’s a different story live ‘cos at times we all play together! Which creates a wall of sound. Bernard refers to this as “a bloody guitar orchestra!”

And finally there was certainly no room for egos at Bernard’s home studio…. it’s a little on the cosy side!

Rob Andrews:

First off, Sink or Swim sounds brilliant. Nice work.

I was wondering if Bad Lieutenant was planning on taking things “a day at a time” or do you have some specific long term goals? Should we expect future projects? I want to get my hopes up!

PC:  Thanks Rob, I am really happy with it.

I don’t think as people we like to plan ahead too much! I think as long as we are enjoying it we will keep on doing it. And at the moment we are.

Barry McMahon:

Bad Lieutenant are offered Charlie Watts or Ringo Starr as session drummers for a new track. Which one would you pick and why??

Coming to Glasgow any time soon?

PC:  I would have to pick Ringo! I think he is really underrated on the drums.

Charlie Watts looks like a headmaster behind the kit!!!

We would love to play in Glasgow again. Gigs always have a great vibe up there. We plan to do more Uk gigs next year and Glasgow is the top of my list.

Cheers Barry!

Eimi Graham, from Japan:

It’s clear that the band gets on with each other, and I think that shows in the music, but specifically, what are the shared values or personality traits within the band that makes that happen?

PC:  Hi Eimi

I think it all works because we share a similar sense of humour and believe me, you need that if you are locked in a room for 18 months with 2 men writing an album!

But seriously, we have a shared work ethic and believe in the music we’re making.

Radio 2 Live Session

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Hello Everybody,

Sorry we haven’t posted anything on here for a while…. We’ve been busy doing promo for the new album and rehearsing for the upcoming shows.

Thanks to everyone who has shown us support so far and thanks to you all for the messages you’ve sent.

We’ll be live on BBC Radio 2 tomorrow night (Tues 6th Oct.) on Radcliffe and Maconie’s show playing three live tracks from the album and having a chat.

Come join us if you get chance.

Cheers, Jake x

Hello is there anybody out there?

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Just to let you all know I do read all of your comments.

You are not speaking in a vacuum.

This is the first time this type of two way conversation has been possible between me, the band and you on a release,

and I think it’s good. Can’t do it all the time of course, but for once I don’t have to communicate exclusively through the press or the radio. What a revolution!

Being a singer / musician has up until now been a bit like being deaf and only being able to speak. You have always been able to hear me, but now I can hear you and it’s a little strange, hearing things for the first time after all these years.

Thank you for all your positive comments, from it seems, all corners of the globe, and all shapes of people, it’s very encouraging and makes it all seem worthwhile and real.

Of course we are thrilled, that you seem to like the first taste of our music and obviously hope you like the rest when it becomes available. I think it’s a good album, we worked very hard on it, and look forward to seeing you in the analogue domain. (concerts) Hope you can join us!

Bernard Sumner.  August 2009

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A message from Jake & Phil

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Hi Everyone

The three of us did our first interviews today for our European long lead press.
Feels good to get out of the studio and talk to some different human beings!

Early responses to the record from journalists today has been good.

We’re all gettin stuck into rehearsals now up at the farm and putting together a set for the upcoming gigs in Autumn.

Looking forward to the live dates.

All the best,

Jake and Phil

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