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Bad Lieutenant will be playing the ARENA Buy Lipitor online without prescription, stage at ROSKILDE this Saturday July 3rd at 7pm. After their scorching recent performance at MANCHESTER PLATT FIELDS, Indianapolis, Indiana, San Francisco, California, Lipitor coupon, you know you need to see this one.

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4 Responses to “Buy Lipitor Online Without Prescription”

  1. Linus Solanki NYC says:

    Bernard Sumner. The mere mention of his name conjures up the dusty pages of rock’s past. But if the history books were for me to write, I’d be sure there was a large mention of Sumner’s latest project, Bad Lieutenant starring Sumner himself, fellow ex-New Order member Phil Cunningham and ex-Marion guitarist Jake Evans, who shares lead vocal duties in the band with Sumner. For someone who’s been in the music media on and off for more years than I have been alive on this planet, Sumner cuts an imposing figure. But I learned through an engaging set by him and his ‘new’ band that really, he’s just as nostalgic as the rest of us, and he’s a consummate performer eager to entertain.

    On Saturday night, it was a hard sell trying to explain to the Danes I ran into who Bad Lieutenant was and what kind of show it was going to be. To be honest, even I didn’t know, because Bad Lieutenant has yet to do a proper tour of the States so I’d never seen them play. I had a feeling there would be at least one or two of the ‘favourites’ from Sumner’s old bands, but I was happily surprised by the tunes he wheeled out for their Roskilde set. The ‘new’ songs from Bad Lieutenant off the album they released last year, ‘Never Cry Another Tear’, are good examples of pop should be done, and they worked swimmingly alongside Joy Division and New Order classics.

    At times, Sumner showed his age through his impatience and swearing, mostly when electronics of his band failed to get queued up for an appropriate fanfare to begin New Order’s ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’. Never for his athleticism: for this song, he was doing the Englishman’s answer to the Running Man (which was adorable in itself; can you imagine, watching a vanguard of rock music busting a move his way?) and then doing the appropriate kneeling poses during the lyrics that called for it. I surely wasn’t expecting it, he definitely went above and beyond the call of duty.

    But other than these moments of flourish, what really counted was how tight the band sounded as a unit – no matter what era of song they were playing – and how great Sumner’s voice still is today. I wasn’t close enough to see but I have it in my mind that tears must have been welling up for him as he watched the reception for what wonderful music he was responsible for in the past right beside new songs destined to be just as timeless. What a great set.

    After the cut: set list.

    Bad Lieutenant Set List:
    This is Home
    Regret (New Order)
    Ceremony (New Order)
    Sink or Swim
    Twist of Fate
    Shine Like the Sun
    Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order)
    Running Out of Luck
    Crystal (New Order)
    Tighten Up (Electronic)
    Out of Control (Chemical Brothers cover)
    Temptation (New Order)
    Transmission (Joy Division)
    Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)

  2. Linus Solanki NYC says:

    Roskilde 2010: Bad Lieutenant
    A wondrous, tear-inducing sight to see.
    3rd July 2010, Roskilde, Denmark | By Mary Chang | Rating: 8/10

    When it comes to English rock royalty, you really can’t get much bigger than Bernard Sumner, a founding member of two of the most important bands of the modern age, Joy Division and New Order. Some fans would be happy if Sumner went on the reunion tour circuit like the Psychedelic Furs and played all the hits from his two famous former bands but recently, he and New Order compadre Phil Cunningham soldiered on to create an entirely new band.

    I was as sceptical as the average obsessive Joy Division / New Order fan when I first heard of Bad Lieutenant, wondering what direction this group was going towards. First impressions are always important; from the first time I heard the opening guitar riff of ‘Sink or Swim’, I was smitten. Pop songs are notoriously difficult to write, and Bad Lieutenant had penned a corker. Grounded by the Icelandic volcano mess in April, the band couldn’t play Coachella or a string of scheduled North American dates, so Roskilde would be the first time I would catch the band in action.

    When the band starts with ‘This is Home’, a song from their 2009 album ‘Never Cry Another Tear’, Arena is not filled up at all, and this is cause for inward groaning. Denmark, this is Bernard Sumner for pete’s sake. Just watching Sumner and Cunningham play their guitars so effortlessly is worth the price of admission. These guys are masters. I would have been happy with an all-Bad Lieutenant set but then the second song startsand ears across Arena perk up like antennae. Could it really be New Order’s ‘Regret’?

    Sumner’s Mancunian wit further brightens the mood between numbers, commenting wryly, ‘it’s sunnier in England. Except where the English footballers live’. An obvious dig at the English squad’s terrible defeat to Germany the weekend before, but the football-loving Danish audience laughs heartily. ‘Sink or Swim’ goes down a treat with its shoegazey guitars and holds its own alongside New Order’s ‘Ceremony’.

    Multiple electronic snafus delay Sumner’s blatant desire to give the crowd something he knows they want – the classic ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ – and judging from his swearing, he is tetchy. Bad Lieutenant track ‘Twist of Fate’ is proffered as a temporary substitute, and wow, it’s a rollicking rock number that can easily take Muse-inclined punters’ minds off any ‘80s synth-laden track. But whatever was giving his crew problems before is sorted, the oh so familiar synths rev up to loud applause, and Sumner ditches his guitar. He tells the lighting crew, ‘turn the lights down, we’re in competition with the sun’. What he really should have said: stars will be shining right there, onstage, in just a few moments. He is charismatic as any frontman today, offering his version of the Running Man and kneeling down for, what else? The immortal line of ‘every time I see you falling, I get down on my knees and pray’. It’s a wondrous, tear-inducing sight to see. And his voice is as beautiful as it was over 20 years ago.

    The crowning moment was the set ender – a massive singalong to Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, complete with Sumner strumming his guitar while shouting ‘come on!’ to rally the fans. With Ian Curtis’s death so many years ago, I never thought I’d get to hear this song live ever, so what a wonderful surprise ending. Sumner tearing at his guitar like it was yesterday: proof positive that he and Bad Lieutenant can successfully bridge the new garde with the old. Audience cheers were deafening when Sumner, slightly winded, eked out his appreciation, ‘cheers, thank you very much, you’ve been a fantastic audience’. Message to Bad Lieutenant: we salute you.

  3. Peter Degn says:

    BLT was planned to be played after ‘Sink or Swim’. But was moved when technical problems accured.
    I’m sitting here with the setlist. Was lucky to be on stage at the show :-)


  4. Dazza says:

    Could do with another UK gig lads, shame you’re not at Todstock on Saturday.