WFUV’s interview with Bernard

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WFUV’s blog The Alternate Side has posted their interview with Bernard.  You can read it here.

3 Responses to “WFUV’s interview with Bernard”

  1. J314burn says:

    Bernard, We are missing you here in NY please come soon. Jake had thirty or so friends in NYC that he was going to invite to come back stage and eat triangular sandwiches with you before you went onstage. Then they were all going to get drunk and act like a rowdy hoard of romans.

  2. J314burn says:

    Jake. Please come to NYC. Tell Bernie to load up all the gear, put it and the rest of the band in his boat and sail over. Oh yea; Bono wanted me to tell you he has an extra pair of Herman Monster shoes you can borrow if you would like. Lastly Jake I want to say besides being on hell of a guitar player, you have a great voice. #2 on my list.

  3. FAC4367 says:

    Cheers mates…..hoping to have a line dropped sometime from you lot telling us here in the States when the long nightmare will be over and you finally cross the pond to share your gifts with us. Any bit of info would be nice. You guys rock nonetheless and look forward to seeing you in person at a later date…..ENG vs. USA June 11. What a start! Cheers…..