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"As promised we are coming to the U.S. to play our re-scheduled dates in Chicago and New York with the addition of the Coachella Festival and a concert in San Francisco. We are really looking forward to playing our songs live for our fans in the U.S. It's been some quite time since I have played in America, and we are all very excited about the prospect." -Bernard Sumner Friday, April 16th - Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA [on sale Sunday, February 14th] Saturday, April 17th - Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Indio, CA [tickets on sale NOW] Monday, April 19th - Park West, Chicago, IL [on sale Saturday, February 13th] Wednesday, April 21st - Webster Hall, New York, NY [on sale Friday, February 12th]

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  2. Joe says:

    No chance of any other US Date – maybe Philadelphia, Baltimore or DC? Come on guys!!! You can do it!

  3. dave says:

    Any chance of adding dates, like Toronto?


  4. Toronto Fan says:

    I hope you can schedule a Toronto date this time around !!!

  5. Can You come too Los Angeles CA..Somewhere Southern of California…Thanks for having these dates will try to make it awesome to one..Thanks B.S……..Yours truley your fan!!!..’10…I still like New Order greatest hits track #3and #4 awesome my favorite 2 songs back to back!!!

  6. clearlytransparent says:

    I was really hoping that BL was going to play Coachella. I have been attending every year since New Order played a few years ago. I highly recommend anyone that has never been to check it out. Will their be any meet and greets or after parties?

  7. CK says:

    Are these going to be sold through the Park West website in Chicago? There’s no mention on Ticketmaster, and it looks like the other tickets are being sold through the venue, but there’s no mention of the concert even coming to the Park West. I won’t have access to my computer when they go onsale (awesome) so I need to be able to tell someone where to go.

    Oh, and like someone else mentioned, and I had asked about it on another thread, any chance of a meet and greet? Perhaps at least for the faithful who post on these threads?

    • jade says:

      They are working on putting up a link for the show and tickets today CK. Keep checking, and I will make sure to post once I have received notice that it is live.

    • jade says:

      CK, the Park West’s site is now showing the date, as well as a link to purchase tickets.

      • Cathy says:

        I tried the link to buy tickets and it is not working yet-

        • CK says:

          Thanks for the info and the heads-up! I got all excited when I saw the “Tickets on Sale Now” link, but like Cathy mentioned, they’re not on sale yet. I’m going to have to have someone order me a ticket as I won’t be near my computer at that time. I will be super-pissed if since I had a ticket for the last show, and it got canceled, and now that it’s been rescheduled, and I can’t get the ticket right away, and I miss out, well yeah. SUPER-pissed. But I think it should work out. (knock on wood).

          • Cathy says:

            CK my friend did you get your tickets? I did — I will be flying up from Texas for the show.
            Jade– a follow up to CK’s question: any chance that a loyal few could have a meet and greet with the band? Pretty please? Some of us are traveling a bit of a distance to catch the gig. Looking forward to it!

  8. Scrosced says:

    Are you FNG kidding with the New York date? The day of the Specials reunion tour that I have been waiting 20 years for and have tickets for? Its great Coachella and NY for both of you. Can’t take off for Chicago. I think I should be invited to the soundcheck and allowed to sing a song with you for making me miss the Specials show. You guys suck.

    • Mark says:

      I had tickets for the original show, and I can’t believe they re-scheduled the show for the same night as The Specials. I also have tickets, but the good news for you is that The Specials concert sold out, and they added a show for 4/20. You can see The Specials on the 20th and Bad Lieutenant on the 21st. As for me, I can’t get off from work two nights in a row, so I’m seeing The Specials!!

  9. Will says:

    I sure wish you would play a proper date in Southern California. Do you realize that New Order has not headlined here since 1993? What did we do wrong? We miss seeing you play a show on your own.

  10. Renee Rimsa says:

    Please come to south Florida!!!

  11. Geri says:

    You can’t expect them to turn up everywhere! What’s wrong with travelling to see them? Many of us have doing just that for years …

  12. Will says:

    New Order and Bad Lieutenant have probably sold more music in Southern California than any other place in the US, (except maybe New York). I ca’t wrap my head around why they would not play here. I would understand if I lived in Montana or Ohio. Well, I’m going to stop now because it sounds like I am complaining and whining. I really enjoy the new cd and I hope someday to see you guys play live.