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As promised with the posting of Phil Cunningham's answers, here are Jake Evans' responses to questions asked by Bad Lieutenant fans Fiona Hooley, James LaBove, Dietrich and Stephan Spencer.  Bernard's answers to come.


Fiona Hooley: Hi, With many artists embracing an online presence to marketing and distributing music, I'd like to know what the band's views are on the always hot topic of filesharing on the internet. Is this something that the band will be embracing with exclusive internet only fanclub releases where people can legitimately download (and share) mp3's as part of viral marketing campaigns or do you feel that this is an area which ultimately leads to loss of revenue for the band? Thanks for offering a chance to have our questions answered! Fiona JE:  Hi Fiona, Thats a good question. I have mixed feelings when it comes to the topic of file sharing and in fact the internet in general. We gave away our first single and a bside from the album on the website so I would say we embrace it as a means of communication with our fans. I hope you managed to get your copy! We're at an interesting point right now in the music industry with regards to trying to control file sharing, which I've heard likened to ' trying to put a toll booth in the middle of an ocean'. File sharing is great in that it gets more of your music out there which is what most musicians aim to achieve, but ultimately people have to earn a living. I'm not talking about being a bread head, but if you literally cant afford to live as a musician what happens then? Ultimately it effects how much new music we can expect to see breaking through on a large scale .....because if in the end the only safe bet for record companies to release are things like X factor or whatever,  then what a boring world that will be!! Thankyou for the question! James LaBove: Hello, I'd like to submit a question for the band: Can you tell us a little about the songwriting process?  What kind of process did you guys undertake to form the songs, and were the lyrics/music chiefly a collaborative effort? Thanks! JE:  Hi, Thanks for the question. The song writing on this album in the main happened very naturally and in the beginning ideas were born from either jamming or passing around a guitar between the three of us in a room together. Having said that we spent a lot of hours concentrating on the sonics of the instruments within those songs once we came to record them. I would say most of the others developed from an idea that one of us would bring to the table, and the others would expand upon. Lyrically, we just began to get a feel for which ones would be suited to either myself or Bernard. Or, if they were a collaborative effort we would combine and swap ideas  until we got the right melody and lyrics for the song. It was a great experience! Dietrich: Hi My name is Dietrich, and I live in Hamburg,  Jake I love your youthful looks, and when you play here would love to corrupt you in one of our more special hardcore clubs. There is a favourite  club I go to called "Ladestock" it means "Ramrod" Jake I think you know what I mean eh? I imagine us both there in our tight leather trousers. Hey what do you think? Dietrich JE: Hi Dietrich Thanks for your question. I hope you enjoy listening to our new album as much as you do squeezing into those tight leather trousers of yours. The clubs I go to are perhaps not as 'specialized' as the ones you frequent. Maybe try sending Mika an email? All the best. Stephan Spencer: With Bad Lieutenant comprising of three quarters of arguably one of the most influential bands of the last three decades some people are likely to expect a repackaged reincarnation of New Order. Having listened to the preview of the album on BL's Myspace page this does not appear to be the case and, with all due respect, this may not be a bad thing - something which is hard to admit from a die hard New Order fan who has been following that band through teenage years and adulthood. Maybe it is the influence of the new band members Jake and Tom, with Jake adding a new (and superb) vocal dynamic to several of the tracks - most noticably the Chris Martinesque contribution on 'These Changes'. A couple of listens in and there are some outstanding tracks on this album (Poisonous Intent is an instant grower and an initial favourite). On many of these you can hear a whole myriad of musical influences which has probably been brought about the varied ages of the band members. We are probaly aware of some of Bernard, Stephen and Phil's musical tastes but it would be interesting to hear who Jake or Tom regard as music Gods and which bands are currently populating their CD racks. Looking forward to the Manchester gig on the 22nd October. I bought the tickets well in advance of hearing any tracks but looks like the gamble has paid off - well done lads. Regards Stephen Spencer Liverpool JE:   Hi Stephen, Firstly thanks for all your supportive comments about the new album. I think everyone involved just saw this as a new start as well as a new band so I think that maybe comes across in the sound. The New Order comparisons are inevitable but the truth is that the songwriting centered around myself Bernard and Phil with the help from quite a few top musicians along the way! It was this collaborative approach that also played a large part in the albums sound. As far as my musical heroes go, there are so many but I would say they include artists like Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Keith Richards etc Bands I have been listening to recently include, Camera Obscura, Doves, Empire of the sun, M Ward

11 Responses to “Jake Evans answers your questions . . .”

  1. Slattery says:

    Thanks Jake for taking your time to answer the questions, I have one question also when is Rambo and Leroy’s albuum coming out, I really loved that song “Last Man Standing” and is Bernard going to be a guest on your album, Thanks again.

  2. amar desoo says:

    Hi my name is amar, i live in london
    i just wanted to know what the rest of the band plan to do in the future, and if we can expect another album.
    love the album, especially sink or swim

  3. Mary says:

    I am charmed with Bernard your new style!, I adore Joy division, new order, and today bad lieutenant. When they were travelling to sudamerica, I am from Chile and it wanted to see them live!, were they appearing in the Live Manchester?

  4. Can I just say what an AMAZING Concert last night in Manchester !!!
    The new songs sounded fantastic and mixed with a few previous New Order/Joy Division tracks – was a real treat. Best Xmas present ever for me but can I ask – how are you all enjoying the touring ?

    Thanks again and please come back soon! :-) x

  5. karen connelly says:

    I just wanted to say i went to the concert last night at the 02 opening for Pet Shop Boys, my word, you were amazing, to be honest i hadnt heard of the group before yesterday, but i will definitely not forget the concert, it was amazing, its awesome to be able to see musicians playing the music instead of all this computerised music, i am definitely going to be listening to you guys again, hope you do another concert in london soon, had a fantastic evening,,,,, thank you all. All the best for the future…..

  6. jose says:

    there will be a dvd live? or cd live

  7. jose says:

    there will be a dvd live in the 2010

  8. Ruurd Edens says:

    Why did BL release an exclusive track called Higher Wider Deeper on the Japanese cd? This is almost impossible to find for us non-Japanese. Perhaps you can offer it on your site as a free download? Just a thought..

    • Sinkin says:

      Higher Wider Deeper

      Sitting on my own two feet
      I don’t want to be alone
      Don’t recognise you any more
      Say what you want
      Do what you need
      You and me just have to believe it
      I’m here to stay cause you’re what I crave
      I’ll stay with you from cradle to grave

      My emotions lie open wide
      For your love I will surely die
      Higher, higher into the sky
      Hearts are broken where angels fly

      Waiting for the rain
      To clean my soul
      In and out all day
      Just fetching coal
      Just take what you need
      I don’t want it back
      I’m looking at you to
      Help me attack
      This worm in my soul
      This parasite
      This friend in need
      Here by my side

      On my own in the undertow
      Not a trace of the man you know

      My emotions lie open wide
      For your love I will surely die
      Higher, higher into the sky
      Hearts are broken where angels fly

      Higher higher
      Higher higher
      Deeper deeper
      Wider wider
      Higher higher
      Deeper wider
      Higher higher

  9. Mike Powell says:

    Or B-side on next single maybe?

    Great concert at the MEN, the sound was poor but not your fault (the MEN has bad sound!) Looking forward to the 2010 UK dates

    PS.. Happy birthday Bernard!

  10. I heard that he was quite keen do a Home and Away cameo! Lol. do you know if this is true? There’s a part of me that kind of wishes this is not true lol.