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It is with frustration and regret that Bad Lieutenant reluctantly announces the cancellation of the band's four U.S. dates set to commence next week.  The more stringent immigration laws and changing visa parameters resulted in an inability to process the necessary paperwork. "We were all so very excited about coming to the States to play our new music for our American fans," said Bad Lieutenant's Bernard Sumner, "and are extremely disappointed that on this occasion, we won't have the opportunity to do so.  We plan to reschedule the Chicago and New York shows along with some additional U.S. dates in Spring 2010.  Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you." The four Bad Lieutenant dates that have been cancelled are: November 18 - Park West (headline), Chicago, IL November 19 - supporting the Pixies in Chicago, IL November 21 - Webster Hall (headline), New York, NY November 23 - supporting the Pixies in New York, NY The concerts were in support of Never Cry Another Tear, Bad Lieutenant's debut release which arrived in stories on Tuesday, November 10.  The band features New Order/Joy Division's Sumner, newcomer Jake Evans on vocals and guitars as well as guitarist Phil Cunningham and drummer Stephen Morris, musicians who helped make the legendary New Order a multi-Platinum-selling band and one of the most influential forces over the past three decades in the alt/rock/dance genres. Bad Lieutenant's Spring 2010 dates will be announced soon.


  1. SuniL says:

    This is very sad news I was so excited to see BL live in NYC, I had 6 friends coming with me, but I guess laws are laws and without proper paper work it would be hard to come here, but please come here in the spring, you guys have too many fans here who would love to see you live, best of luck.

  2. fac73 says:

    aww. i was so excited because i was going to be in nyc on monday. this is disappointing.

  3. heliosmou says:

    What a BUMMER! I was so looking forward to your gig at the Park West in Chicago. And I live in DC! It seemed like such a wonder coincidence–me, being in Chicago on the night of that performance, now buried as a mere memory. Have been to contact your booking agent, to see if you guys would be interested in doing a benefit performance in DC, but Ian has yet to respond.– It’s a politically sensitive issue–and I have no idea which side you support, if any. You guys may be totally indifferent, for all I know. Many people, including the British people (aside from the British Museum and British government) support the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece, and placed in the New Acropolis Museum, which opened earlier this yeaso anyway, that’s essentially the deal. I’m the campaign director for this movement, through the Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC), a grassroots organization composed of volunteers–no one gets paid, anything. We work because we are passionate and filled with those things called ideals.

    • CK says:

      Yeah, I was really looking forward to the concert in Chicago. Here’s to hoping that those shows get set-up for the Spring, and I’ll be there.

      Oh, and heliosmou, this probably isn’t the place to be bringing up political issues. I presume you are speaking of the Lord Elgin Marbles. Just remember, had it not been for the British government taking care of them all these years, the pollution in Greece would have irreparably damaged the marbles. So be sure to thank them!

  4. Cadboy says:

    Was looking forward to the Chicago show at the Park West. Hopefully the Spring 2010 US tour dates will be announced soon…

  5. Michael says:

    Terribly disappointed to hear that BL is grounded in the UK due to travel constraints. Here in Phoenix, and was contemplating what city to fly to just to see the show. That’s how interested I am in seeing the continuation of the journey that started in 1977 for some and in the past few years for others. Look forward to seeing BL in 2010 somewhere in the States, maybe on the West Coast if I’m lucky. Cheers to all of the band on a great album and best of luck headlining for PSB.

  6. Tony Wilson says:

    I really feel bad for the people who paid for hotels and flights to see the concerts, these are real die hards fand who love Bernard sumner and his music, I really feel bad for them and they are really pissed of, just go to or BL’s Facebook and you will find out, that is alot of money to lose and especially in this economy, I really fel bad for you guys, I was lucky because I live in NYC and Webster Hall is just a 30 minutes train ride from my house.I hope Bernard Sumner and the rest of the band member’s appreciate theses fans and the support that they show them.

  7. Face Up says:

    Can’t beleive these sort of administrative things were not sorted out well in advance.

    In the spring please plan a date in Toronto! Canada’s Visa laws are a bit more friendly !


  8. JD says:

    Fuck. Shit this sucks balls.

  9. Very sad news…I”am just glad you were comming to America…But I’am glad you have more tour dates for spring 2010 in America WOW!!!Can’t wait!!Hope everthing gets resovled..Thanks for your time…Please come to California,USA…I would love to see a show…Your fan Eduardo..Have a good day..Hope to see you next year!!Cheers..