Time for ALL to Vote for “SINK OR SWIM”

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"Sink or Swim" has made the shortlist of the top 100 songs of this past year. PLEASE help the band by voting it as your favorite on the BBC's site. Here is the best part: it appears that you can vote no matter where you live. Vote now by clicking here.

9 Responses to “Time for ALL to Vote for “SINK OR SWIM””

  1. Punter says:

    Sink or Swim is a great song, Very uplifting and melodic.Bernard Sumner just keeps on making some of the best music around and I hope that this song and the new album gets recognized by people because it is very good.

  2. John Edward Tranter ( J.E.T. ) says:

    ‘Sink or Swim’ is a great song, I think it’ll do well in the poll.

    I’m hoping ‘This is Home’ might be released as a single in the future. It’s an absolutely stunning track, Jake’s voice and the guitar orchestra in full force! I’m so glad this was the first song played at the Ritz gig.

  3. HiItsNino says:

    Sink or Swim should win, and I agree – This Is Home is just a stunningly great tune. I hope they release that as a single here in the U.S. I’m also really into These Changes. That could be song of the year.

  4. BL you got my VOTE!!!”Sink or Swim” is briliant!!!Bernard Sumner or Sir Sumner please keep making good music..Also please tour Calironia….USA….Thank You your fan…Have an awesome day..

  5. Slattery says:

    Sink or Swim is a great song, very New Orderish.

  6. Raoul (France) says:

    I have discovered the single on RTL2 radio in France. Francis ZEGUT make Bad Lieutenant known to French people (a good thing !!). Really a good track… you get my vote even if I’m not listening the BBC ;-)

    Best regards,


  7. Luke says:

    ‘Sink or Swim’ is fantastic as a single. However I think ‘Twist of Fate’ is exceptional as a pop song and hope it gets released as a single. Thanks again Bernard, Steve, Phil and Jake. This is not New Order or Electronic as some have lazily stated

  8. NewOrder says:

    ”Sink or Swim” this song is briliant!!!