Phil Cunningham answers your questions . . .

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Well at least the questions asked by Brent Kutchback, Rob Andrews, Barry McMahon and Eimi Graham.  Yes, these are the four fans that are having their questions answered during the first installment of answers from Bad Lieutenant.  Keep an eye out for the answers from Bernard and Jake.


Brent Kutchback: I love the new album and am looking forward to some US tour dates to be added. With three guitarists in the band, how does that work?  Obviously, everyone has to check their ego at the door, right?  Keep up the great music! PC:  It’s actually a good thing having three guitar players when it comes to recording as we all have different styles. So we had it covered when it came down to what each song needed on the record. For example Bernard is top at choppy, funky playing ("Poisonous Intent"). Jake "Hendrix" is amazing at lead stuff  ("Summer Days") and I am into big chunky chords and melody lines ("Sink or Swim"). However it's a different story live 'cos at times we all play together! Which creates a wall of sound. Bernard refers to this as "a bloody guitar orchestra!" And finally there was certainly no room for egos at Bernard's home studio.... it's a little on the cosy side! Rob Andrews: First off, Sink or Swim sounds brilliant. Nice work. I was wondering if Bad Lieutenant was planning on taking things "a day at a time" or do you have some specific long term goals? Should we expect future projects? I want to get my hopes up! PC:  Thanks Rob, I am really happy with it. I don’t think as people we like to plan ahead too much! I think as long as we are enjoying it we will keep on doing it. And at the moment we are. Barry McMahon: Bad Lieutenant are offered Charlie Watts or Ringo Starr as session drummers for a new track. Which one would you pick and why?? Coming to Glasgow any time soon? PC:  I would have to pick Ringo! I think he is really underrated on the drums. Charlie Watts looks like a headmaster behind the kit!!! We would love to play in Glasgow again. Gigs always have a great vibe up there. We plan to do more Uk gigs next year and Glasgow is the top of my list. Cheers Barry! Eimi Graham, from Japan: It's clear that the band gets on with each other, and I think that shows in the music, but specifically, what are the shared values or personality traits within the band that makes that happen? PC:  Hi Eimi I think it all works because we share a similar sense of humour and believe me, you need that if you are locked in a room for 18 months with 2 men writing an album! But seriously, we have a shared work ethic and believe in the music we're making.

12 Responses to “Phil Cunningham answers your questions . . .”

  1. Claudina Bravo says:

    Hey guys… first I would like to thank you for the best album I heard lately… I became addicted to the song “This is Home”… I am a huge New Order fan and now Bad Lieutenant made me believe in music again.
    Here is my question:
    When it comes to your lyrics, This is Home specifically, how do you guys amuse in order to come out with such brilliant material?.
    Love your music…please…keep it up!

  2. rta says:

    Thanks for answering our questions all. Appreciate it. Cheers!

  3. Mike says:

    More UK gigs next year? FANTASTIC!
    Was great meeting you at Trekstock the other week Phil!

  4. Diego Garcia says:

    Ok so this is it..a new begining i think..and i hope that this new band is coming to stay..with electronic we had a little of this ..a great project but it wasn’t as solid as the music they gave us.. now we got this good album..i like it but i expected more dance stuff..and please bernard..leave the new order’s door open in the shows..good luck masters..

  5. Eimi Graham says:

    Thank you for answering my question!

  6. Swann says:


    I was at the gig at the Olympia in Paris.

    The concert was progressive and powerfull … from Out of Control, suddenly came a wall of sound, i had the feeling to be next an 747 plane’s engine wich became lyrical.

    What a wavy haircut i had after this.

    But one hour, it’s definitely too short. I know you had technical problems and it’s such a pity

    When it’s stopped , i felt like an unplugged doll …I was so disappointed that i was about to become alcoholic (just for one night) but then i met a couple of old trained fans with big glasses in their hands and i realised that i will lose the competition for sure.
    So i had a refreshing … glass of water, and went to the toilet to try to have a quite normal haircut again.

    I now hope that we can expect another tour in europe with more dates and longer concerts.

    Last, I have a question for Bernard Sumner : Did you read the paper i gave to you at the show case at La Fnac ?

    I wish you the best ,

    Merci Beaucoup


  7. John Newquist says:

    Why did you cancel the Chicago date at the Park West?

  8. Thurid H. Spacecomper says:

    what about Hamburg 0,4.12.9? I hope it isn`t a fake from the Becks Company? special question about ” Sink or Swim ” ; is it inspired by the Hans Horn-movie ” Open Water 2 ” ? I saw the first 10 minutes of the film again and it looks like the deep mood in the track…

  9. Hi Guys – what I FAB album – I can’t stop listening to it and especially like This is Home. Can I ask who is the other singer – I really like the mix.
    Can’t wait to see you in Mnachester with the Pet SHop Boys. Any chance of any Electronic stuff??????? It would be AMAZING

  10. Claudio Caruso says:

    Hi there! Congratulations on the album. It is excellent. I am from Argentina and I will never forget New Order´s concert in Buenos Aires. It was an incredible moment for me and for your Argentinean fans. I really look forward to attending to a BL concert in Buenos Aires. Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode played here last month. Now it is your turn guys!!! Please, come to South America soon.

  11. barry says:

    Cheers for the answer Phil (on behalf of Ringo fans everywhere!)

    See you in Glasgow soon.

  12. jack parler says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.