Album released in europe today

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The album Never Cry Another Tear is being released TODAY in the UK and Europe. The album is available for sale in all good retailers, including Amazon , iTunes and HMV as well as here, on the Bad Lieutenant store. The store is the only place that you can buy the SUPER DELUXE LIMITED 'NEVER CRY ANOTHER TEAR' BOX SET (1000 ONLY!!). This Includes Limited edition CD album, Double Vinyl album, Exclusive 7 inch vinyl single featuring 2 unreleased tracks, deluxe booklet, Artwork print plus an Exclusive t-shirt. It's only available via Bad Lieutenant's official website. Never Cry Another Tear will be available TOMORROW in the US, details of where to buy to follow shortly.

5 Responses to “Album released in europe today”

  1. Rob says:

    The purchase buttons on your US Store are broken.

  2. DaveW says:

    Has the “SUPER DELUXE LIMITED ‘NEVER CRY ANOTHER TEAR’ BOX SET” shipped yet – Friday 16th, and still no sign of it on my doorstep! Anyone else received theirs yet?

  3. ED says:

    It is now Thursday 22nd. Still no news when od if the super deluxe edition has been shipped. Can anyone give us some info. Thnx

  4. L.Solanki Brooklyn NYC 11219 says:

    With a sound that is both familiar and forward thinking, Bad Lieutenant delivers an indie rock powerhouse of a debut.If the northwestern England trio Bad Lieutenant sounds remarkably like New Order, there is a very good reason for that: the distinctive voice and guitar of Bernard Sumner. After New Order’s dissolution in 2007, Sumner opted to begin a new band, and Never Cry Another Tear presents Sumner moving into a new phase of musical exploration, with fellow guitarists Phil Cunningham and Jake Evans joining in to create an indie rock sound that is both familiar and forward thinking. Full of crystalline six-string textures that are at once ambient and rocking, melodic and atmospheric, Bad Lieutenant’s debut presents the world with a collection of songs that recall New Order’s most organic moments with only the faintest hints of keyboard, making for a listening experience that is as enjoyable as it is thoughtful. Opening track and leadoff single “Sink or Swim” is but the first example as intertwining guitar lines underlie harmonious layers of vocals to rather dreamy effect. “Summer Days” is a notable track with some rocking guitar solos and odd stuttering synth effects to augment a subtly morose yet upbeat melody, and “Dynamo” incorporates some lush keyboard orchestrations including a tremolo organ that could easily have been sampled from The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” but then played off with a powerfully uplifting chorus, making the song befitting its title. “Poisonous Intent” is another highlight of the album with its rhythmic bass approach bearing a resemblance to funk, while the progression deviates from the standard verse/chorus approach, allowing the wide range of ambient effects to come into play, be they synthesized or vocalized. One of Bad Lieutenant’s most endearing qualities is the vocal interplay between Sumner and Evans, with Evans even taking the lead as on “These Changes,” “Shine Like the Sun,” and “This is Home,” his voice possessing a tonality not dissimilar to Sumner’s, but just a tad lower in pitch to make for a wonderful harmonious complement. Also, credit should be given to Sumner as the album’s producer as he fills the sonic space with just the right balance of each individual component for a lush atmosphere that allows each player and instrument to shine, as well as his tasteful usage of Autotune effects on the vocals throughout the album. With guests such as former New Order drummer Stephen Morris and Blur bassist Alex James, Never Cry Another Tear is an excellent debut from a band that is poised for success, partially due to the history of the band members, but more owing to their songwriting prowess. These are songs that will get stuck in your head and keep you coming back for repeated listening, giving Bad Lieutenant staying power for a long time to come.