Hello is there anybody out there?

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Just to let you all know I do read all of your comments. You are not speaking in a vacuum. This is the first time this type of two way conversation has been possible between me, the band and you on a release, and I think it's good. Can't do it all the time of course, but for once I don't have to communicate exclusively through the press or the radio. What a revolution! Being a singer / musician has up until now been a bit like being deaf and only being able to speak. You have always been able to hear me, but now I can hear you and it's a little strange, hearing things for the first time after all these years. Thank you for all your positive comments, from it seems, all corners of the globe, and all shapes of people, it's very encouraging and makes it all seem worthwhile and real. Of course we are thrilled, that you seem to like the first taste of our music and obviously hope you like the rest when it becomes available. I think it's a good album, we worked very hard on it, and look forward to seeing you in the analogue domain. (concerts) Hope you can join us! Bernard Sumner.  August 2009

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11 Responses to “Hello is there anybody out there?”

  1. Maria says:

    love the new single, can’t wait to hear it live! come to santa monica/los angeles soon!

  2. Luke says:


    You have been my all time music hero since I was 7 years old and seeing Blue Monday live on TOTP. I wish you the very best with your new project. I’m a Brit abroad in the USA and a lot of Americans are really liking ‘Sink or Swim.’

    All the very Best,


  3. rwillmsen says:

    Woooooooo I’m writing a sentence that’s gonna be read by Barney! What a wonderful invention this whole internet thing is. Can you possibly do a special live veersion of Turn the Heater On when you play London?! Just kidding, the single is f*cking marvellous! richard

  4. John Edward Tranter ( J.E.T. ) says:

    Thanks!I think it’s great you’ve given us fans the opportunity to access the band like this.

    I really like the guitar orientated sound of the new songs.

    The black and white imagery of the album design and web site looks very effective.It reminds me a lot of Joy Division.

    Very best wishes,J.E.T.

  5. Matthew says:

    Greetings from Australia! Barney and Steve, it’s great to see you kicking on with your new band Bad Lieutenant. I’ve been having a listen to “Sink or Swim” and “Dynamo”, and I have to say I like what I hear. Best of luck to you both, as well as Phil and Jake, I look forward to being able to listen to the album in full.

    Best Wishes
    Matthew from Canberra

  6. Charles from Seaford Vic, Australia says:

    ..its just great to have Barney in amongst it all again…I only discovered this today…looking forward to hearing more…

    Thank you…glad Steve is there to…

    A fan through it all and happy again the music I love is refreshed again…


  7. Maja says:

    Hello there guys

    Love Sink or Swim, it rocks. Really looking forward to buy Never cry another tear. Yay!

    Greetings from Serbia and please come over soon but not before March the 25th when I’m due to deliver a baby :) )

    All the best

  8. ChrisQ says:


    I bought the new album yesterday and I cannot stop playing Poisonous Intent. It’s brilliant. I bet it felt good to get that one off your chest.

    Hope you guys get to Boston soon.

  9. Mike says:

    Hi Barney I was so pleased when I heard about your new band (admittedly quite late on) but I managed to get some tickets for your Manchester show. See you there and thanks for keeping the dream alive for musicians in the North West

  10. Thank you Bernard Sumner for your feeback Iam a big fan of your’s…Thanks for computers for are we communicating awesome!!!Thanks for the time that you spend with your fans…..Glad you are on-line…I hope you make “California” a major spot to tour in the USA…And put more stops in California for your fans…Southen Cali!!!And I can’t wait to read the IE magazine…You look good on the cover..I still have faith that you will stll come…And I hope you make a Concert DVD soon…That would be delightful….Just order the sign Cd…Very awesome thanks…I hope you make some posters of the band for your store to sell…I would like that…I would say more but I will save it for next time Thanks for your time…Your fan Eduardo…Have a good day and please keep making music…2010…Say hi to all the band and espcally Steven….Thanks to all….

  11. David says:

    On a summers day a time long ago I gave Closer a throw
    the darkness of reality as a child was reflected I did know
    I understood the desperation and hopelesness of Joy Division.
    You Bernard moved on with New Order and offered another way for those in the darkened streets of working class childhoods.
    I hope you creative success with the new incarnation.
    But excuse me when I say….without Hook its another game.
    Just for one moment…I thought I’d found my way.